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Reading Thoughts – The Torah

Did you realize that we just ended the first quarter of our journey reading through the Bible?  Well done!  I hope you feel blessed as you jump into the Word of God.

The Torah was intended to bring LIFE to the world through the Israelite’s engagement with it.  Unfortunately, what we are witnessing throughout Scripture is that mankind takes the LIFE that God offers and chooses to distort it which results in DEATH.  When I use those words LIFE and DEATH, I am using them in a comprehensive sort of way that includes both the eternal and the temporal (here and now).  You could think of them like umbrellas where everything that leads to life falls under the term LIFE and everything that leads to death falls under the term DEATH.  Now let’s think back to the story of the Garden of Eden.  God created this wonderful garden with a Tree of Life and a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  He commanded us not to eat from the second tree or we will surely die.  However, we chose something apart from His will, we chose to eat the fruit of this second tree, we chose DEATH!  Do you notice how Adam and Eve don’t immediately die?  Instead, they begin to experience all the things that lead to DEATH like guilt, shame, anger, etc.  Now think back to the rest of the Torah, God has begun to redeem the poor choices we make . . . choices apart from His will . . . the very choices that lead to DEATH.

Look for this theme in the Bible and in your own life.  God is constantly redeeming the poor choices we make that are apart from His will and that put our lives in danger of DEATH.  However, we don’t have to choose things apart from His will.  God has graciously revealed His will for our lives in the Word of God.  We now have the opportunity to learn what He wants us to do and choose to do it!  The starting point to experiencing LIFE is believing that The Word is true!  You see, LIFE is attained by faith.  Faith is the fuel for our ability to choose LIFE.  How cool is it that Jesus is the incarnation of The Word of God?  This is why Jesus is able to say, “I am the way, the truth, and the LIFE – no man comes to the Father except through me.”  And what does the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus demonstrate?  The same theme we see from the beginning – God redeeming the poor choices we make that are apart from His will and that put our lives in danger of DEATH.  This is the message of the cross!  This is the Gospel that has been proclaimed to you and throughout the world:  Jesus – the incarnate Word – died for your sins so that you might have LIFE.  When understood properly, the Gospel is not just offering LIFE in the eternal aspect, but also in the here and now.

When we believe the Word is true, it fuels us to choose LIFE.  Starting in the Torah, God’s Word reveals to us so many opportunities where naturally we have been choosing DEATH, but by faith we can choose LIFE.  May your faith continue to grow so that you are able to choose LIFE more often!

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